Writing a Novel

Even in today’s world when the interests of most people lie on the internet and other technological stuff, there is still a section of the population who love books. These enthusiastic book lovers spend most of their quality time in reading books which may be novels, comics, short stories etc. Though a lot of these readers read English books, yet many people read books written in their native language or the local language of the area in which they live. Novels are the most widely read form of literature in all language. Novels are a form of long narratives which explain a series of events which can be either real or imaginary.

Since novels are the most read books, many budding writers and language enthusiasts want to pin down their novel. How to write a novel is one of the most popular questions that arise in the minds of these aspiring novelists. The first and foremost idea that the novelist must fix in his mind is that a novel is a type of narration of a specific set of incidents. It must have an interesting and engaging plot which must have the juice to attract the readers. It must not be filled with too many literary devices, as it will eject the essence out of a novel and rather make it dry and boring literature.

The interesting and good narration is the key step while writing a novel. The genre of the novel must be chosen by the writer himself, and it would be better if the topic of the novel is something that interests and fascinates him. A proper character study is also required to fix roles of reach character and weigh the balance of the content. Writing a novel is not an easy task, as novels are usually very long with at least two hundred pages on an average.

There are many websites which offer resources for budding novelists that can help them in using the proper narrating techniques, proper use of language, etc. If the novelist is writing a novel to sell it to the public, he must contact a publishing house and send them the whole content of the novel. If it is approved by the publisher, then it’s sent to a printing press that design and type the given content and finally put together the dreams of a novelist.

The most important thing is to stay motivated. It’s going to get tough, especially when you’ve been at it for a while, and the dream has lost its luster. Keep imagining what it will be like when you finally get your book finished. Imagine going on all the talk shows and talking about your new book. Imagine seeing it in the book store, prominently displayed on the best seller shelf.

It’s not easy, but when you treat it seriously, pretty much anybody can write a novel. Just keep writing, and never give up for any reason. You’ll be successful before you know it.


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